Using ‘serious’ games, remotely

In training and education face-to-face discussions are incredibly powerful. But for many organisations, groups cannot meet face-to-face. Valuable opportunities for engagement and learning are being missed.

However, people are still meeting in groups via Zoom, Skype and Teams. So, we have created a unique way of playing our board games online to maximise the value of remote meetings. It is called ZeST.

ZeST encourages the same intense group discussions as our board games, and it can be used by anyone during any online meeting. ZeST is perfect for learning and training in the current situation and can be used for stand-alone learning sessions or integrated into group meetings.

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Limited to 1 game per organisation. 4 months free subscription. T&Cs apply.

How do I get ZeST?

There are 3 ways of gaining access to a game on the ZeST platform:

If you already own a board game, you can buy a single 12 month licence for the ZeST version: from £12.99 (+ VAT) per game
If you buy a board game you can add a single 12 month licence for the ZeST version: from £12.99 (+ VAT)
If you just want access to the ZeST version of a game, it will cost: from £39.99 (+ VAT) for a single 12 month licence

A single licence gives your organisation unrestricted access to a specific game on the ZeST platform for 12 months. Only one online game session can be run at the same time, but you can invite as many participants as you wish to each session and you can organise as many sessions as you need.

As the administrator you can create accounts for colleagues enabling them to organise and run game sessions without having to ask for your permission.

If you need to run more than one session at the same time you can purchase additional licenses.

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