Game Apps

It’s not always possible to arrange online group training and education. So, we also develop game apps for individuals to play as part of their training and education. They are all evidence-based and have been developed with clinicians and academics. Some games are free to play, and others can be bought from the app stores. If you need to address a specific subject, we can easily create a new game app for you. We can also localise and translate existing games to reflect your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss these options.

Drug Round Game:
Delivers and tests knowledge around medication errors and drug calculations.

Drug Calculation Game:
Helps staff involved in dispensing, or administering drugs, improve confidence and numeracy skills.

Drug Recovery Game:
Helps players understand the journey that a person takes when trying to give up any substance.

Sepsis Game:
Highlights the early signs of sepsis, key facts and figures, plus advice on what to do if you suspect someone has sepsis.

Show Me Where Adult:
Allows people to communicate with health professionals to show where pain is located.

Show Me Where Child:
Allows children to communicate with health professionals, teachers or parents/carers to show where pain is located.

Biobanking Game:
Explains the benefits of a biobank, how your sample supports cancer research, and how we gain your consent.

Working Stress:
Helps clinical staff understand the unique nature of stress in clinical practice.