A Game of Connection. A Game of Inclusion.
A Game of Peace. A Game of Love.

The Keep It Real Inclusion & Social Justice Board Game builds trust, opens profound dialogue, and transforms relationships, while gently and compassionately bridging all divides.

Keep It Real is an experience that breathes fresh air into a room, and quickly changes the temperature to one of joyful, thoughtful and respectful interaction.

A safe place to have fun, be real, and to heal together.

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Players experience their own, and others Humanity.

In these times, when authentic engagement and trust may seem hard to come by, and we think there are too many differences between us to truly connect with one another, the Keep It Real Inclusion & Social Justice Game comes to provide participants with an enjoyable, interactive and intensely transformative experience which goes way beyond just talking about issues and experiences.

Once participants understand game play, they are equipped to facilitate their own workshops. In fact, this game can be used as an ongoing, informal activity in the workplace, or as part of more structured training.

Keep It Real can be played anytime tensions need to be reduced, relationships need to be cultivated, and energy needs to be infused across ALL divides. And it is FUN!

"I can’t think of a time in recent memory where we more acutely need to understand, accept, and appreciate our common humanity. This game is a godsend.

Laura Adams - Former President & CEO, Rhode Island Quality Institute